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Our facilities


Devon Lodge offers 22 on suite bedrooms including 3 double bedrooms, all decorated to the high standard that we maintain in everything that we do at Devon lodge. A call bell, TV and telephone points are available in each room. There are also separate bathrooms; providing additional facilities for assisted bathing.

There are generous communal areas, a dining room, main lounge, quiet lounge with an IT area and a conservatory. The outside offers large mature grounds with a sun terrace and car park. Two lifts serve the building


For safety reasons, visitors are required to sign in and out of the visitor’s book. The home is protected by an up to date fire alarm system, which is regularly checked, backed up by robust Fire Safety and Health and Safety Policies. There is an extensive secure garden fitted with tables, chairs, benches and umbrellas (in the summer) for you and your relatives, friends, or advocates to enjoy. In the summer when the weather is fine afternoon tea is served in the garden.

Special requirements

For those with limited mobility, Devon Lodge offers wheelchair access from your room to communal areas.

Assisted bathing and other amenities make mobility as safe and convenient as possible for you.

All staff have been trained in the use of specialist equipment and are updated every six months on any changes in current usage and/or legislation affecting use of equipment.

Medical requirements

You may wish to continue with your own doctor, or if necessary we will help to find a local doctor for you. We have developed excellent working relationships with all health care professionals at the local Health Centre and Dental practice. An added bonus is that both are only a short walk from the house. Your GP will see you at either the practice or at Devon Lodge depending on your needs. The local Dentist will be pleased to attend to your dental and oral hygiene needs but you can of course nominate a dentist of your own choice.


A full laundry service is included in the fees and the services of visiting professionals such as chiropodists, physiotherapists, dentists and opticians (private and NHS) and other community health services can be arranged. Our on-site hairdresser has been at Devon Lodge for 23 years and is available for weekly appointments.


Our dedicated catering team prepares home cooked traditional food and we try to cater for any prescribed or personal dietary requirements. There is a rotating 4 weekly menu, which is reviewed following regular audits by residents at least four times a year. We know how important good nutrition is for older people, so with the advice of a nutritionist, our food is not only delicious but well balanced. There is a choice at all mealtimes and for those in-between moments, home made cakes, snacks and beverages are always available.


There is nothing quite like the buzz of live entertainment in the home, whether it is a local musician, theatre group or school choir, we are sure you will find something that you enjoy. Excursions to local beauty spots are organised throughout the year. Birthdays, anniversaries as well as all kinds of festivities are all celebrated enthusiastically.

Keeping active

Activities are a high priority for us and we employ an activities organiser for this purpose; activities are designed around your interests and hobbies. A weekly plan of events is put on the notice board in the hall every week and you will be fully involved in deciding what these are and whether they happen in groups or with you individually. The choice is yours. Also, we have a full calendar of special events that runs throughout the year in particular our annual garden party is greatly enjoyed by everyone.

If you’d like to find out more about Devon Lodge, please call 01908 281 470 or email us, we’d love to hear from you.

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