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“We are very impressed with your happy and welcoming home…”

“Devon Lodge is a very cosy home for my mum - friendly, helpful and caring staff. Mum loves the food, quizzes and company of her fellow residents.”

Liz W (Daughter of Resident)

“My mother is very happy and content at Devon Lodge. She is treated with kindness and dignity. The food is good, the garden and flowers are always lovely. Covid was well managed. The staff are always so caring and kind. Everyone is good at communicating with the family. She just loves everyone at Devon Lodge.”

N G (Son of Resident)

“Devon Lodge's care for my late mother was exemplary in her last days, as it had been throughout her eight years in this happy home.”

P W (Daughter of Resident)

“Mum is very content at Devon Lodge. The staff are fantastic, attentive, caring and courteous. The care has been excellent, and we're very grateful that the home always follows up with the doctors when she has needed help. As a family, we are delighted.”

Alison B (Daughter of Resident)

“Devon Lodge provides an excellent service to my mother, who needed company more than anything after suffering loneliness during the pandemic. She is cared for by a team of lovely staff, many of whom have spent many years at Devon Lodge, this makes for a happy and stable environment. Mum had a mini-stroke after only one month at Devon Lodge and she would not be here now were it not for the team who dealt promptly with the situation. Mum is very happy in her new home!”

Mark G (Son of Resident)

“The overall experience in Devon Lodge Retirement Home is very good and has a family feel about it. The adaptation of the old building works well and makes it feel less like an institution!”

Chris R (Daughter of Resident)

“My mother has been a resident at Devon Lodge for eleven years. I was so fortunate to find this home which has become Mother's home. She is treated with care, dignity and very much love. As her daughter, I am very grateful for everything that is done for her.”

Patricia W (Daughter of Resident)

“Mum entered Devon Lodge in January 2020, and very shortly afterwards the world went into lockdown! From the start, we always felt we had found the right place for Mum.

Small, cosy, friendly, and a home-from-home feel about the place and the staff.
Throughout the pandemic, we have been kept informed of the status of Devon Lodge, and the safety and security, and health of the residents and staff, at a time when for long periods we were unable to be there ourselves.
 Whenever it has been possible the staff at Devon Lodge have made the best of the visiting options allowed within the prevailing restrictions. If I need reassurance about the home it comes in the comments from Mum herself who continually tells me that she is perfectly happy to be there and feels very well cared for and safe. She has her favourites too!

The one thing I take from my contact with the management and staff is the resident-centric nature of what they do, it's the resident's home and they come first”

Richard F (Son of Resident)

“I am very happy with this residential home and feel very at ease.”

D A (Resident) assisted by family/friend

“As a family, we have been extremely impressed with Devon Lodge Retirement Home. They were able to admit our mother during Covid-19, an extremely challenging time. Since our mother has been at the home, the care and support have been excellent. The staff are courteous, caring and always have time for us. The care for our mother is second to none and the staff all go the extra mile. It feels like a home from home.”

G R (Daughter of Resident)

“My stepmother has lived at Devon Lodge quite contently for several years now. She is quite a private person and preferred to spend time in her room, rather than mix with the other residents, but happily chatted with the carers, who are very fond of her. She is now 102 and very frail and has to have a lot of personal care and attention. I visited her recently in her room with the necessary PPE, and she looked so cared for, and her room was fresh and clean, it was very reassuring. I have never had any doubts about Devon Lodge.”

P H (Stepbrother of Resident)

“A small, well run and friendly retirement home where resident’s individual needs are taken into consideration and all are treated with great care and dignity (relatives too). The home has a family atmosphere and visitors always made welcome. My 92-year-old mum frequently comments 'I can't believe we've found such a wonderful place, and the food is so good'.”

Anne C (Daughter of Resident)

“A lovely care home - just like being 'at home'. Very friendly and helpful staff.
I feel my mother is safe in good hands - which is so important.”

N H (Son of Resident)

“You have a little piece of heaven here in Woburn Sands, every single one of you, through your every day kindness and goodness and skill. I feel so lucky that we found you. Happy Christmas to you all.”

Karen and Terry

“You all make me feel so at home. Thank you so much for all your hard work and care. I hope each one of you and your families have a very Happy Christmas.”

With lots of love from June

“I would like to pass on great thanks to you and your team for providing my Mum with a home for these past years, and to find a place for her at another care Home as her needs have required.

The first day I visited your Home, and it is a proper home, I felt comforted by the environment, the facilities, the garden, your guests and mostly your staff. I was very impressed, especially the lady that I first met, who I cannot remember her name, but she definately made me think - safe hands I really liked her. You reinforced this when we met for the first time - she is in a good place.
We have talked for many hours over time, and I have found you fantastic. You have done your best for my Mum. Cynth has also said that you are fantastic.

So my last words are a really big THANK YOU to you and the staff who have been so good. It does not seem to happen much these days, you meet good people, doing good things, doing a hard job, but knowing that they make a real diffrence, but not realising what a difference they make. Please make sure your staff know that they make a real difference.

I really appreciate it
Thank you”


“To all at Devon Lodge

Just a note to say thank you so much for the care and loving attention that you all gave to our mum, Margeret during the short time she spent at Devon Lodge. We have all said separately, that we wish we had found your Residential Home earlier than we did. On that weekend last year when we did the rounds of homes in the area to find a suitable place for mum, I am so glad that I found your home - I knew the minute I walked in that this was the right place for mum, and it was. Once under your care, she put weight on and improved her mobility no end. She made some lovely friends with both the staff and other residents and was very happy there. We were all always very reassured that she was receiving the very best level of care that she possibly could.

So a big thank you to all of you for what you have done for our mum - anyone who stays at Devon Lodge is very lucky indeed.

With thanks”

Pete,Gill and Jan

“o those wonderful women who cared for my Mum,

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart, I also felt you cared about me and supported me with great understanding during Mums last few days when I was 'living' at the home. Your hugs were a great comfort to me.

Thanks to you all Mother died in her own bed with her loving family and carers around her. As I am sure you fell enriched by the experience of allowing someone todie with grace and dignity, I also felt hugely privileged to be with her all the way!

I will never forget your care, your love and endless patience. Thank you all!”

Love, Jane

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